How to go to Le Rasteille?

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Le Rasteille is just next to Fougax-et-Barrineuf, a little village in the mountainous region of the Pyrenees (in Ariège).
By plane, with Ryanair, from Charleroi (Belgium), and for very interesting prices, you can land at Carcassone airport (75 kilometres, or 45 miles away from Le Rasteille). Then, you can rent a car at Ada location (from 15euros a day).
By train, you can arrive by TGV at Toulouse or Perpignan, then, you will take the bus to Lavelanet (15 kilometres or 10 miles away from Le Rasteille), where we can come and pick you up with a car.
By car. In Foix take the D117 road to Perpignan. Quit the road in Belesta, to Fougax-et-Barrineuf. Drive just 5 more kilometres, and there you are.

Look at the map for further details.




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