Terms and Condition


ARTICLE 1 – Duration of Stay: the tenant of this contract, signed for a specific duration of stay, will have no rights to remain on the premises under any circumstances once the contract is expired.

ARTICLE 2 – Contract Conclusion/Terms: the reservation will be in effect as soon as the landlord received from the tenant a booking fee of 25% of the total rent amount and a signed exemplar of the contract before the date indicated on it. A second exemplar should be kept by the tenant.

ARTICLE 3 – Cancellation by the Tenant: any cancellation will be notified by a registered letter, a telegram, or an e mail to the landlord.

a) Annulation before the arrival in the places : L’acompte resa. Cancellation before arrival: the landlord keeps the booking fee. And the full amount of the rent is to be paid to the landlord if the cancellation comes less than 30 days of the agreed arrival date. If the tenant fails to come or notify the landlord in the 24 hours following the arrival date indicated on the contract, the contract will be cancelled and the cottage will be rendered free. The landlord will keep the booking fee and the prospective tenant must pay the full amount of the rent.

b) If the stay is shortened, the landlord keeps the full amount of the agreed rent for the duration of the stay. There will be no reimbursement.

ARTICLE4 – Cancellation by the Landlord: the landlord will reimburse the entire amount already paid by the tenant, and will compensate at least the equal amount that the tenant would have paid if s/he had cancelled the rent himself/herself at the same date.

ARTICLE 5 – Arrival: the tenant must arrive at the agreed date and time indicated on the contract. In case of a delayed arrival, the tenant must inform the landlord.

ARTICLE 6 – Rent Payment: the amount of the rent must be paid upon arrival.

ARTICLE 7 – Charges Payment: at the end of the stay, the tenant must pay the landlord the charges that are not included in the price. This amount will be established on the basis of the terms agreed in the contract.

ARTICLE 8 – Inventory of the Fixtures: an inventory will be established and signed by the tenant and the landlord or his/her representative upon arrival and at the end of the stay. This inventory will be the only reference in case of a dispute concerning the fixtures.

The cleanliness and maintenance of the cottage upon arrival will be noted in the inventory. The tenant is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance during the stay, and before leaving the cottage. The amount of the accrued cleaning charges, at the tenant request, will be established on the terms mentioned in the contract.

ARTICLE 9 – Guarantee or Deposit: at the tenant’s arrival, a deposit will be asked by the landlord. The amount of this deposit is indicated on the contract. After a contradictory inventory of fixtures at the end of the stay, the landlord will return the deposit deducting the necessary amount to repair any observed damages.

In case of an early departure (before the agreed date or time), if the inventory cannot be done on the last day of stay, the deposit will be sent to the tenant by the landlord within a week.

ARTICLE 10 – Using of the Cottage: the tenant must maintain the peaceful atmosphere of the cottage and use the cottage as it is supposed to be used.

ARTICLE 11 – Capacity: the contract is established for a maximum capacity of people. If the number of people exceeds the hosting capacity, the landlord can refuse the extra people. Any modification or cancellation of the contract will be considered upon the tenant’s initiative.

ARTICLE 12 – Animals: the contract indicates that the tenant cannot stay with any pets (pets are not allowed on premises). If the tenant violates this clause, then the landlord can terminate the stay. In this case, there will be no reimbursement.

ARTICLE 13 – Insurances: the tenant is responsible for any damage occurred because of him/her. S/he is liable for his/her own insurance.